Personalised 'Will You be My Chief Bridesmaid' Gift Box
Personalised 'Will You be My Maid of Honour' Gift Box
Milly Inspired Necklace options
Milly Inspired Necklace options - letters
Personalised 'Will You be My Bridesmaid' Gift Box
Personalised 'Will You be My Bridesmaid' Gift Box
Personalised 'Will You be My Bridesmaid' Gift Box
Personalised 'Will You be My Chief Bridesmaid' Gift Box
Milly Inspired ingredients 11.11.18
Milly Inspired ingredients 11.11.18 2

You said yes, now it is time to pop the questions to your BBF. The perfect person to ask: Will you be my Chief Bridesmaid?

You know that her unique personality makes her the perfect addition to the people you want around you on your wedding day – so here’s a gift to show her just how much she means to you. In fact, here’s a whole bunch of gifts.

Each bright, tropical box includes:
1. Mini Notebook for wedding planning.
2. Our Bath Bomb to relax the night before.
3. A Sweet treat because you deserve one.
4. Our hand poured mini Candle because love is in the air.
5. A Special Keepsake to keep close to their heart.

Each box is delivered sealed with a belly band. Attached to the band is a gift tag. You can write a message on the back yourself or you can ask us to print a gift message for you. This makes it a perfect gift to send directly to your beloved friend as a lovely surprise.

For the sweet treat, choose between two types of marshmallow, a luxurious truffle or two different bars of chocolate.

The keepsake, a heart necklace, comes on a 16” trace chain with a 2″ extender. You can choose between a silver or rose gold heart; or if that’s not quite right for the person you have in mind, for a small fee you can swap it for a sterling silver heart, star, letter or ribbon heart. (This comes on a 16″ chain, with no extender.)
Made from:
Please see product photos for information on ingredients.

Necklace (to keep close to your heart): Charm and 16″ trace chain. Available in stainless steel or Sterling Silver (the recommended option for people with metal allergies).

Postal Materials: Jiffy bag.

Drop Heart: 9mm
Heart and Star charms: 10mm
Ribbon Heart 12mm
Letters approx.: 5mm

The box measures 222 x 160 x 20mm approximately and will fit through most letterboxes.
– These boxes are for over 5 years only. Children must be supervised. –

Personalised ‘Will You be My Chief Bridesmaid’ Gift Box

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Necklace options

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