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Product Maintenance

A Guide to Looking after your Gifts: MillysCottage-HB-Feb15-11

Our team test all materials and craft methods used in creating your unique gifts to ensure they are finished to the best possible standard. This guide will  help you make sure your purchase stays looking as good as the moment you received it, please follow these tips:

Art Prints (framed and unframed):

Unframed art prints should be framed as soon as possible once you have received it. Framing will eliminate the risk of creases or other damage, it will also stop dust getting onto your design and dulling the colour.

It is possible to stretch paper, particularly where foils have been added, so please store safely.

Prints should be kept out of direct sunlight. Ideally position your print in a room that has a neutral temperature as extreme hot and cold can affect the finish over time.


Protect your jewellery from liquids, sharp blows, scraping, chemicals, sunlight and hot and cold temperatures. Store items individually so they cannot rub against each other or become tangled.

Jewellery will tarnish over time, this is natural, however the process can be prolonged by avoiding contact with the following: soap, hairspray, perfume and aftershave. Please remember even natural oils from our bodies can affect the quality.

Please make sure that silver is stored away from excessive light and always remove jewellery before showering or swimming?

Finally, Sterling Silver has a longer lifespan than silver plated items so when purchasing for an important occasion we would recommend opting for the sterling silver option.