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Our Story

Gemma Petherbridge (Creative Director and Co-Founder)

Gemma Petherbridge (Creative Director and Co-Founder)

Who is Milly Inspired:

An exciting and innovative design house, Milly Inspired is committed to creating unique gifts for you, and your family and friends.

We design personalised art prints, paper goods, and much more, all with a distinctive and modern style.

Milly Inspired is the creation of designer Gemma and her partner Russ. We both longed to leave the London nine-to-five and take a more creative direction. So in 2011 Gemma created Milly Inspired and moved to elegant Chichester, where the business is now based.

We take pride in designing original pieces, and everything you see is designed in-house. Gemma has a passion for uncovering new trends and ideas, and incorporating them into extra-special gifts and homewares. She’s currently inspired by luxe metallics and foils, as well as contemporary typography trends.

We care about substance and style in equal measure, so while everything looks beautiful, we also love to weave personal meaning into each design.

Many of our products are there to tell a story, like the grandchildren who presented special memories within one of our stylish art prints to their Nan on her 90th birthday.

It’s our joy and privilege to create such significant gifts, so if you have a milestone birthday, wedding or anniversary coming up, we’d love to help. Most of our customers are looking for something a little different, a little special, and a little personal, and we’re committed to offering just that.

Everything that leaves our studio is subjected to our high standards of design and finish. We’re proud to have high customer service values and feedback; we’re here to do our best for you.

We hope you enjoy taking a look around our latest designs. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Our Values:

Products: As a Gift Design-House, the main design aim for all products is to create gifts which encapsulate the love the gift giver has for the recipient. We don’t create throwaway products but products people keep for a lifetime.

All products are unique concepts, on trend and crafted to the highest standard.

Customer: To us the customer experience is as important as the final product. We constantly strive to find new and unique ways to improve the customer experience

Russell Tomlin (Operations Manager and Co-Founder)

Russell Tomlin (Operations Manager and Co-Founder)

Team: We aim to create an environment that welcomes change and innovation. We endeavour to create a working environment that allows the team to thrive and develop their own business and creative skills.

The Environment: Milly Inspired is proud to be an independent UK business, helping the local economy and championing UK handmade. All office waste is reused or recycled. Additionally we actively work with local charities to preserve the British Environment and Wildlife for future generations.


Five Fun facts about Milly Inspired:

  1. For the first five years Milly Inspired ran as a Designer -Maker Company under the name Milly’s Cottage, but as the business grew and developed so did the name.
  2. On average we dispatch over 20 cards and 10 prints each and every day. During Christmas this multiplies by at least 5 times.
  3. The volumes of orders we received over our first Christmas surprised us. In the end we had so many parcels in the car each day that there was no room for Gemma. Instead she had to take the train and meet Russ at the Post Office to help him decant them all from the car.
  4. Many of team work virtually from all over the UK so when you receive your PDF proof it could have come from Sussex, Bristol, Birmingham or several other locations.
  5. In the first year of Milly Inspired, Russ and Gemma ran the business from their London flat. The business grew quickly, taking over more and more room. Once the work desks had taken over all areas of the flat and Russ and Gemma had to sleep in the hallway, they knew it was time to move!